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Each day both in the futuristic headquarters of Triggiano (Ba) as well as in all other locations and offices, over 350 employees spread over an external sales force of agents and area managers for a total of 50 business units work as part of the Acmei team.

The 5 branches and technical sales office are strategically located between Modugno (BA), Foggia, Taranto, Casarano (LE), the abruzzese town of San Giovanni Teatino (CH) and Lamezia Terme (CZ).

Even more important than numbers are the values at the very heart of Acmei: respect, collaboration, integrity and daily commitment. These are not simply statements of principle but rather internal practices performed on a daily basis in view of constant new goals.

Business ethics is shown in customer orientation, which is found in our company in the form of professionalism and competence. This is thanks to the highly qualified staff that work in each of the 7 divisions comprising the company's core business.